Joyful Everyday Innovations

Our holy grail: cool products that are easily used every single day — and produce so much happiness, ease, and comfort from their supreme functionality.

Heart & Hand

We begin with deep empathy for what parents need and want, and work on giving them access to the world’s best of high- to mid- range options.

We love working with brands we love! We connect with the philosophy and values of our partners, and drive mutually beneficial business growth with our local expertise. 

Premier Purveyor-Distributor

We seek to be the preferred partner of our partners from around the world for our heart-and-hand expertise in driving both brand love and business profit.

Discerning Eye

Our main customers know quality and value when they see it.

We have our eye out for products that are not only visually pleasing but also deliver quality and functionality, to share with our customers back home. 

We are driven by values

Nurturing win-win partnerships with our employees and principals to bring Joyful Everyday Innovations from across the globe to discerning Filipino parents and kids. 


Think we can work together?

We’re always looking for quality brands from all over the world.